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*Do you accept credit cards and/debit cards? Do you charge a fee for this?

**Yes! We accept ALL major credit cards thru secure paypal and NO we do not charge any fees.

*Where do you deliver?

     **We deliver ALL around the lake (CA side only), not including NV or Truckee.

**We deliver to ALL of South Lake Tahoe (including Meyers) for a minimum donation of $25

**We deliver from Tahoma to Kings Beach for up to a minimum donation of $100

*How long do deliveries generally take?

**Deliveries can take up to 90 minutes depending upon how busy we get and your location.

*Will there be a discreet charge name on my credit card/bank statement when I pay with my credit card and/debit card?

**Yes, it will appear as "GLM".

*Does the donation amount include tax?

**Yes, for your convenience tax is included in the donation amount.

*Are the photos of the product actual pictures taken of the product?

**Yes, what you see are photos of the current products we are carrying.

*Can the driver meet me at a public place such as a restaurant, shopping center, park, etc?

**For us to be able to provide professional, discreet and law abiding service, we are able to deliver to a secure location, agreed upon & confirmed, between both parties which are the patient and Green Light Medical.

*What do I need to become a member 

**You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid CA doctor’s recommendation, have a California ID or driver’s license or show proof of California residence. For more info and to JOIN OUR COLLECTIVE NOW, visit our "NEW PATIENTS" Page (tab at the top).